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1. Booking

After entering all data for your request, you will receive a booking proposal in which the individual details are listed once again. Afterwards you can activate the booking by pressing the button "To booking". To complete the details for your ticket, you must then enter the surname, first name, date of birth, sex and nationality of all passengers and, if applicable, the registration number of the vehicle you are bringing with you.

2. Search for Ferry Connections

With ADAC Ferries you can look for the most suitable ferry connection by selecting your favored route. It will then compile your ticket options according to your needs. After that, you can book and pay online.
You can tailor your ticket to your needs by selecting the following details. Click on the topic you need help with:

2.1 Search
Click on "Select outward journey" button on the left side of the home page and you will be taken to a menu where you can select the desired connection. There, you have two options: select the desired country connection from the list next to the interactive map and click on "next" or select the initial letter of the desired port of departure by clicking on it.
This will take you to a page where you can choose from all available routes.

2.2 Outward and Return Journey
You can book an outward as well as a return journey. If you want to book both, click on "Round trip" button when selecting the route. Otherwise you will only be offered a ticket for the outward journey.

2.3 Date of Travel
Select the desired travel date by clicking on the "+" behind the date. This will open a calendar and you can determine your travel date. Then click on "next" and the connections available will be displayed. If several possibilities are offered, activate the box of the suitable connection by clicking on it and press "continue".

2.4 Number and Type of Accommodation
Currently there is only the possibility to choose a type of accommodation for all passengers. Available options can be selected in step 2 by clicking on the arrow below the field "Accommodation".

2.5 Number and Type of Passengers
You can book a crossing for up to six people in one session. Select "Number and type of passengers" from the list and click on "Next". You can choose from the following categories:
Adults, Seniors, Students, Children and Infants.
Age limits can be handled differently by different shipping companies. Please indicate the accurate age of each person, because this can have influence on the price calculation. You can change traveler type and accommodation at any time by scrolling back to step 2.

2.6 Number and Type of Vehicles
The initial selection is always set to "Vehicle". You can also select "no vehicle" or "vehicle with trailer".
Specify the type of vehicle. Select from the following list of manufacturer, brand and vehicle model. Check the display of the vehicle data belonging to the model and either click on "change" to adapt them to your vehicle (e.g. if the specified dimensions do not match the data in your vehicle registration document or if you still have attachments and/or superstructures (e.g. roof box, bicycle rack) on your vehicle), then click on the right arrow to transfer the changed data to the system. If you have selected "Vehicle with trailer", please enter the type and dimensions of the trailer as well. Then confirm your entries by clicking on the button "to step 4".
You can only book one vehicle and one trailer at a time.

2.7 Pets
The initial selection is always set to "no pet". If you would like your pet to accompany you on your journey, please select "Pets" and then indicate how many pets will accompany you on board. Then click on the price calculation button.

2.8 Select Rates
After your entries have been calculated by the system, the available rates will be displayed. Select the desired fare and click to continue to traveler details.

3. Details of your Data

3.1 Travelers
Please enter the data of any fellow traveler(s). Given name, surname, date of birth and nationality are mandatory. Depending on the connection you have chosen you may have to enter passport number(s) and place(s) of birth.

3.2 Additional Information
Please enter your mobile number and e-mail address. Please enter your mobile number in the international number format (add the German country code +49 to the known phone number in advance and omit the 0 of the respective area code). For example, the Munich phone number 089 1234567 valid in Germany would become +49 89 1234567 abroad). Please enter your e-mail address as well.

3.3 Vehicle Details
Please indicate your vehicle registration number. Also, if you do not know the license plate number, there may be problems and/or delays at the check-in desk. In this case, please allow extra time to re-register the license plate at the check-in desk (some shipping companies may charge for re-registration). If you are travelling with a rented vehicle, please check with the renting company before booking whether ferry crossings with its vehicles are allowed. A subsequent registration of the license plate can result in an extra handling fee.

3.4 Invoice/Delivery Address
Please enter your billing address. Please note that if you have chosen an ADAC rate, the accompanying ADAC member must be indicated. If you have chosen an ADAC rate and the billing address does not match the address of the accompanying ADAC member, there may be additional charges at the port office or at check-in on the ferry.

Continue to Payment

4. Payment

After you have accepted the general terms and conditions, entering the details of your credit card is next. Press "continue" to pay for your booking directly. The booking is only completed with successful payment. You will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail. The ticket will be sent to you via e-mail within the next few hours.